Experiences - Yoga

Yoga is an ancient system developed over the centuries by the Sages of India. Yoga is a system of training of mind, body and spirit for purification of soul and attaining oneness with the supreme consciousness. The goal of yoga is to calm the mind, ensure better co-ordination of mind and body so that we live a healthy life and experience spiritual growth.

At JJH, fortunately for beginners, technique of yoga in its simplified form can be easily incorporated into your busy schedules to benefit both mind and body. With proper guidance any person can start doing yoga depending on age and physical fitness levels.

JJH offers services of the qualified instructors of Yoga for the beginners as well as advance level practitioners. Also, by simplifying and making you practice some of the choicest aasanas & pranayams, the benefit to you is for the lifetime as they can be practiced anywhere and anytime. You will also be surprised to see that some of the yogic exercises could give you immediate relief from common ailments.