Experiences - Toy Train Journey

The Toy train from Pathankot travels amidst Kangra Valley and passes through the Pine forests to reach Joginder Nagar via Kangra, Palampur, Baijnath. The entire route commands glorious views of nature and unveils myriad facets of history, art and culture. The grand spectacle of Kangra Valley begins unfolding after the train crosses Nurpur. Hillocks rise on both sides and as the train moves over the innumerable bridges built across meandering streams, the Dhauladhar begin to gain in prominence. Emerging through Daulatpur tunnel and past the ruins of the old Kangra fort, one is surprised by the change in the landscape.

The Dhauladhar rise up 13,000 ft from the valley floor. The wide Kangra Valley, with its well-watered terraces, is simply superb. As the train inches on, the passengers adore the open countryside and the shining white peaks. An unmistakable pine scent fills the air and the track is suddenly fringed on both sides by the tea gardens of the Palampur region.

The stretch between Baijnath (renowned for its ancient Shiva temple) and Joginder Nagar is the steepest. Here the train moves at a snail's pace till it reaches the highest point on the track at Ahju.

JJH would customise your toy train experience keeping few of your considerations in mind such as spare time with you, your temperature tolerance, your seating and class preference and your capacity and willingness to the travel duration. Basis the above, we would recommend and make arrangements to optimise on your toy train journey to make it unforgettable.