Experiences - Paragliding

The majestic Dhauladhar mountain is the first mountain range of the Himalayas which acts as a natural barrier for the monsoon clouds of the Indian sub continent.

During the dry days these mountains become a stage for paragliding pilots from all over the world to show case their skills and do long distance cross country flights.

Owing to the topography of this valley, Billing is among the top three paragliding destinations of the world. The small hamlet of BIR with its take off at Billing is highly rated in the world of aero sports. With no exaggeration BIR is so popular that it has been hosting paragliding pre world cups and world cups on a regular basis which happens normally in October.

Jerry’s Jungle Huts has a tie up with many professional paragliding outfits in BIR which offer training as well as Tandem joyrides by qualified Instructors. Qualified instructors arranged by Jerry’s Jungle Huts could take you to the newer heights in Paragliding!