Experiences - Organic & Dairy Farming

Meet the Nature in its PUREST FORM!

Organic farming is a system involving the use of organic sources for crop nutrition, biological sources for pest and disease management, recycling of farm and animal wastes in order to increase as well as sustain productivity. Organic farming is an agriculture production system that sustains the demands of production without interrupting the natural eco-system and with little or no dependence on chemical fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals through the increased use of organic matter, bio-fertilizers, reduced tillage, integrated pest management and the adoption of integrated farming systems.

Being the guest of JJH has an obvious advantage of having an in-house tour of the organic farming within the resort where you can get familiar with some of the most popular international herbs, plants and vegetables as well as a flavour of local plants, vegetables and herbs. Your stay with JJH also gives you a unique opportunity to taste some of the most exquisite organic products.

As a guest, you also have a privilege to visit the dairy farming and enjoy the purest form of cow’s milk and related products like fresh butter, butter milk, ghee, fresh cream amongst others.